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cog Welcome

OTS Corporate Trading turns your excess stock into an asset!

We pay you a multiple of what the stock is worth using a trade credit. We then use the credit to reduce your costs in key service areas of your business.

cog How Does It Work?

We assess your problem stock and evaluate some of your larger expenditure areas. OTS pays you for the stock with a credit or “prepaid cost reduction” against these expenditures. Problem stock is now contributing to current and future cost savings!

cog Stock Remarketing 

Remarketing is an important part of our tailored solutions. OTS works with you to ensure your stock is sold within your required parameters.

We will find new or preferred avenues for your excess either locally, interstate or overseas.

cog Finance

Is it possible for the accounts department to treat this as a normal sale?
Yes, the sale of your excess stock may be treated like a normal sale, except you are paid with a Trade Credit. Your Trade Credit is then used toward your regular services and expenditure areas.

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Client Examples

excess stock toys

Christmas Stock

The value is restored to an excess of Christmas toys allowing more warehouse space. How it works »


corporate trading jewellery


An excess of jewellery is turned into international freight savings. How it works »


excess confectionery trading

Slow Moving

Short dated and slow moving confectionery pays for an advertising campaign. How it works »


corporate trading printing industry

Print Industry

A printing company uses idle presses to reduce their running costs and win new business. How it works »