How Does The OTS Corporate Trading Solution Work?

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We pay you a multiple of the market or cash value of your excess stock.

OTS pays in trade credits which are then used to reduce the cost of your major services. Our service providers are approved by you and can include printing, domestic and international freight, media, research, telecommunications, IT,  recruitment services and the list goes on…

All at your normal benchmark price and service expectations.


OTS works within your resale parameters to clear your stock.

We will sell your stock to new customers or work with you and your existing customer base.

Remarketing is an important part of our tailored solutions and some products with limited local appeal, may need to be sold offshore.

Keep in mind that the fewer the restrictions,  the easier the stock will be to clear.


Will the accounts department approve of a non cash sale for your problem stock?

The sale of your problem stock can be treated as a normal sale and, although you have been paid with a credit, the value may be booked as an asset, and ultimately depends on your accounting policies. GST applies as normal and once confirmed…

Your Trade Credit is then used as a discount on your invoices through OTS Corporate Trading

Let us turn your liability into an asset.

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