Corporate Trading Examples

excess stock toys


Value is restored to an excess of Christmas toys. Allowing more space in the warehouse and reducing costs in shipping and printing.

The OTS Solution

OTS purchases unsold Christmas stock from a toy distributor for a credit. The credit is used to reduce their future costs in shipping, media and printing.

OTS sells the stock within parameters agreed to with the distributor. The result, a better return on problem stock and an improvement in the chosen service areas.

corporate trading jewellery


An oversupply of jewellery is turned into significant international freight and print savings. 

The OTS Solution

A distributor sells its slow moving or excess stock to OTS, and converts it into a credit towards international air and sea freight and catalogue printing.

OTS pays substantially more than the distributors’ normal clearance price. As a bonus, the OTS printer provides a better service than the incumbent.

Definitely a win win for the excess bling!

excess confectionery trading


An excess of short dated and slow moving confectionery helps to pay for an advertising campaign.

The OTS Solution

A confectionery company sells its short dated and slow moving stock to OTS for a Trade Credit. The Trade Credit is then used to offset their advertising and international freight, through OTS’s approved suppliers.

After a lot of lolly sampling in the office, OTS sells the confectionery to new distribution outlets!

corporate trading printing industry


Printer uses idle presses to reduce costs and win new business.

The OTS Solution

A printing company sells its excess capacity or unsold print time to OTS for a credit. The print company then uses the credit to reduce costs on domestic freight and pre-press.

OTS offers the print time that it has purchased, to introduce new customers to the print company. The result is that unsold printing space is now being used to reduce costs and obtain new business.